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... SINUS HEADACHES VERSUS MIGRAINE. National Headache Foundation Encourages Sufferers To Get The Proper ... Both sinus headaches and migraine attacks can be triggered by weather ...

CBS News | Migraine, Or Sinus Headache? | July 2, 2003 09:53:18
Migraine, Or Sinus Headache? ... Pressure/pain over infected sinus Antibiotics
required; Migraine Throbbing pain on one or both sides Clear nasal discharge ...

Headache: Migraine or Sinuses?
Migraines and sinus headaches are often confused. ... Millions of people who suffer from migraine and sinus headache pain say they wouldn't wish it on their ... of migraines, what I call a sinus migraine," Cady says. Sinus headaches ...

9 in 10 Sinus Headaches Really Migraines
The vast majority of people with self-diagnosed sinus headache have migraine,
researchers say.

Sinus Headache Symptoms = Migraine?
Many sinus headache symptoms are really symptoms of migraines. But the pain is often misdiagnosed. ... Sinus Headache Symptoms = Migraine? For Many, Misdiagnosed Migraines Mean More Misery ... What you call a "sinus" attack may be a migraine. It's not just a name game ...

Ask the Clinician with Dr. John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert for ...
Sinuses Giving You a Headache? It's Probably a Migraine. If you've tried various
over-the-counter sinus medications to relieve your sinus headaches to no ...

Sinus or Migraine Headache?
Find out what it really is--so you can feel better

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