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Migraine Action Association
Providing information on the condition and its management.

Migraine - Patient UK
Migraine - Patient UK. A directory of UK health, disease, illness and related
medical websites that provide patient information.

Migraine - Patient UK
... Migraine. Migraine causes attacks of headaches, often with feeling sick or vomiting ... Related pages in Patient UK. See also. Migraine Action Association. Migraine - Drugs to Prevent ...

Migraine - Patient UK
Migraine causes attacks of headaches, often with feeling sick or vomiting.
Treatment options include: avoiding possible 'triggers', painkillers, ...

BBC NEWS | Health | Migraine
Migraine is a debilitating condition characterised by severe headaches and a range of other physical symptoms which affects approximately 10% of the UK population. ... of the UK population. A majority of sufferers are women, half of whom relate their migraine attacks to ...

A migraine is a throbbing, intense headache in one half of the head. It can affect
people of all ages. The cause of migraine is not known.

The Migraine Trust
Promoting research, improving diagnosis and treatment, providing information and advice, and raising awareness of migraine as a significant public health problem.

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