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Migraine - Treatment - neurologychannel
The goals of migraine treatment are to prevent or reduce the number of migraines and to alleviate symptoms and shorten the duration of the migraine. ... analyzes the patient's migraine history to devise an appropriate treatment program. The ...

Drug-Free Migraine Treatment. Could your migraine medication and diet be causing
your headaches? Learn about a successful "detoxification" plan that may ...

Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ
... health.alternative Subject: Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ Summary: Treatment of migraine headaches using ... 08/26 Version: 2.3 Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ (1) Introduction (2) For ...

DHC - Migraine Treatment - Headache Treatment - Diamond Headache ...
Specialists located in Chicago, Illinois. Providing personalized treatment of
migraine and headache pain with inpatient and outpatient services available.

IASP Newsletter Technical Corner: Migraine Treatment
International Association for the Study of PainŽ. Technical Corner from IASP Newsletter. Winter 1999. This section, edited by Michael C. ... Annika Malmberg, PhD, presents timely topics in pain research and treatment. Migraine Treatment ... of the headache type, effective migraine treatment utilizes a coordinated strategy of ...

eMJA: Goadsby, Migraine treatment and mistreatment: primum non nocere
Triptans can provide wonderful relief from migraine, but must not be overused
as "pseudo-preventives." An editorial essay by leading headache researcher Dr.

Migraine: Treatment
Suffering from migraine headaches? Learn why you may be having migraine headaches and based on the cause learn more about the different migraine treatment options that are available from iVillage Health. ... in establishing an effective acute migraine treatment plan. Here are the short ... care professionals develop a migraine treatment plan depending on the frequency of migraine headaches ...

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