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Newer Intranasal Migraine Medications - January 1, 2000 - American Academy of Family Physicians
Newer Intranasal Migraine Medications. CRAIG D. LOGEMANN, PHARM.D. Iowa Lutheran Hospital Family Practice Residency, Des Moines, Iowa. LYNN M. RANKIN, M.D. Integra Health Medical Foundation, Des Moines, Iowa ... Two new intranasal migraine medications, sumatriptan and dihydroergotamine mesylate, may offer specific advantages ...

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Ask about specific migraine medications that are available. Your doctor will
choose your medication based on the. severity and frequency of your symptoms. ...

Migraine Headaches and other Neurological Disorders treatment, symptoms and medications
An in depth discussion of Migraine headache triggers,medications and other Neurological Disorders that lead to Migraine Headaches. All content is 100% doctor produced ... A migraine headache is a form of vascular headache. Migraine headache is caused by a ... Migraine Medications. Cardizem & migraine headaches. Verapamil HCL for migraine headaches ...

Migraine Matters - Migraine Matters
Generally, migraine medication falls into two categories: medicines that treat
... He or she may suggest prescription migraine medication that may be more ...

American Family Physician: Newer Intranasal Migraine Medications
Full text of the article, 'Newer Intranasal Migraine Medications' from American Family Physician, a publication in the field of Health & Fitness, is provided free of charge by LookSmart's FindArticles service. ... Two new intranasal migraine medications, sumatriptan and dihydroergotamine mesylate, may offer specific ... these two intranasal forms of migraine medications and their role in the ...

National Headache Foundation: Headache FAQ
A: Preventive medications for migraine - sometimes referred to as ... Most preventive
migraine medications were initially developed to treat other diseases, ...

Articles and other Information About Medications. About Headaches and Migraine.
Includes articles about new medications for tension headaches, Migraines, cluster headaches, other head pain; current pharmaceutical research; clinical trials; FDA communications about medications; and more. ... See how others have rated headache and Migraine medications and add your own ratings ... of new over-the-counter headache and Migraine medications. On the shelves, you'll now find ...

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