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Headache and Migraine in Children
... Headache and Migraine in Children. Children suffer from Migraine, too ... do well in school, and lead active lives." Migraine in Children. Diagnosing and preventing Migraine in children ...

Migraine Headache in Children and Adolescents --
Information for parents about migraine headaches in children and adolescents from
the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Neuro-Otological Assessment of Migraine in Children
166 International Pediatrics/Vol. 17/No. 3/2002. Vertigo in Pediatric Migraine. Clinical Article. Neuro-Otological Assessment of Migraine in Children. Elio Marciano, MD; Vincenzo Marcelli, MD; Fulvio Sorge, MD; Renato Bellinello, MD. Abstract ... considered to be a migraine equivalent in children. 14-17 ...

Migraine Action Association
It is a common misconception that "children don't get migraine", so many remain
undiagnosed, inappropriately treated or simply not believed. ...

Migraine 4 Kids - Welcome! - This website is run by the Migraine Action Association and is here to provide help and ...
... Lots of people think that only adults get migraine. We know that this isn't true. About one in ten children have migraine - it really hurts and it can affect your ...

Childhood and Pediatric Migraine
Patient oriented article on childhood and pediatric migraine.

The Other Migraine Victims : Children -
Article about children as the victims of migraines ... The Other Migraine Victims: Children. by Sondra McElhinney, EdD, HOPA - Headache Hi-way ... The complexity of migraine pain and of migraine treatment is often difficult for an adult to ...

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