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eMedicine - Migraine Headache : Article by Amelito Malapira, MD
... related keywords: complex migraine, migraine equivalent, migraine variant, classic migraine, cluster headache, aura ... in patients suffering from migraine headache with aura ...

InteliHealth: Headaches/Migraine
There are several types of migraine headaches. A "complex migraine" is one in
... These terms (common, classic and complex) to describe migraine headaches ...

Migraine headache
... Migraine headache. Back pain. Complex regional pain syndrome ... Although any head pain can be miserable, a migraine headache is often disabling ...

InteliHealth: Headaches/Migraine
It's rare for migraine headaches to produce stroke-like symptoms. However, a type
of migraine known as a complex migraine can cause a variety of symptoms ...

Migraine Headache Prevention -- Loma Linda University
Migraine headaches are preventable. A new migraine headache study at Loma Linda University, California, finds a strong link between migraine headaches and high-fat diets. ... During 1994-96, a migraine headache study was conducted in California ... intense, incapacitating migraine headache. Before the low-fat/high-complex-carbohydrate intervention, patients ...

DAN Divers Alert Network : Migraine Headache
Diving Medicine FAQs Migraine Headache ... Very complex migraine, with visual
loss or paralysis, might lead to confusion in diagnosing a diving accident. ...

AAN Guideline Summary for. PATIENTS. and. THEIR FAMILIES. MIGRAINE HEADACHE. Your migraine is treatable and preventable. That's the scientific news from migraine experts. And it means that even though your migraine is a complex biological

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